Chris Stucchio
If this person exists it is Chris Stucchio.

I am an ML Engineer (formerly known as "statistician" or "data scientist") and I am currently doing anti-fraud machine learning at Affirm.

The sorts of things I tend to do well:

  • Many business problems are well formulated as old school statistics, not simply "build a classifier". I am frequently the person turning business context into (for example) a convex optimization problem and showing the org that this is a possibility.
  • ML theory, practice and infrastructure - putting all of these in one person's head (often mine) ensures they work well together and also makes iteration faster. Concrete example: at my last two jobs, the available jupyter notebook sucked for users (for multiple reasons, e.g. spark crashing, libs inconsistent between prod and notebook). I did the grunt work to make them not suck.
  • A/B testing, sampling/experiment methodology and optimization.

Here is my formal resume. I am best contacted at hi@chrisstucchio.com.

For Recruiters: I don't have time for unsolicited phone calls or fishing expeditions - send me an email. Include enough details in your email to allow me to quickly evaluate whether the position you are recruiting for is a good fit. I will not get on a call with you to discuss what I'm looking for. The resume here is my most current and is only available in pdf format (LaTeX doesn't output to Word).

For the curious: The resume was made with latex, specifically the moderncv package. Source is here.