I am a Data Scientist (formerly known as "Statistician") and I am currently the director of data science at Wingify, the makers of and Pushcrew.

Things I'm good at:

  • Data analysis/number crunching
  • A/B testing and optimization
  • Systems programming
  • Functional programming

Specific programming languages I use regularly include Python, Java, Scala and Haskell. My primary data analysis frameworks are Hadoop and Numpy/Scipy, and I usually use Akka for realtime event processing.

Here is my formal resume. I am best contacted at

For Recruiters: I don't have time for unsolicited phone calls - send me an email. Include enough details in your email to allow me to quickly evaluate whether the position you are recruiting for is a good fit - this includes a detailed description of the role, company name, and a ballpark on compensation. The resume here is my most current and is only available in pdf format (LaTeX doesn't output to Word).

For the curious: The resume was made with latex, specifically the moderncv package. Source is here.