Scalaz Task - the missing documentation

Cache efficient functional algorithms

Why the tails come apart

Scalaz 7.10 is now released.

A Principled Approach to Operating System Construction in Haskell

The Unspoken Rules of Favela Construction.

Unspoken Ground Assumptions of Discussion. A very important insight:

...someone proposing a really insightful possibility... and someone else saying "This is dumb, you don’t have nearly enough evidence to prove this, you’re just shooting your mouth off". Of course, everything starts as a hypothesis with less than enough evidence to be completely proven. It’s only after something has been proposed that people are able to study it further. What do they expect – that a theory bursts forth fully formed onto the Earth with hundreds of supporting papers and experiments by a community of scholars who have been working totally in secret until that time? People tend to bring up this objection only when the hypothesis is something they want to nip in the bud for political reasons, before anyone pays attention and tries to gather evidence.

Formal Methods at Amazon

Your Computer is already a Distributed System: Why Isn't Your OS?

Some interesting thoughts on microservices. My general opinion about microservices is "why build a distributed system when you don't have to?"

When I saw the movie "Blood Diamond", the premise of "African guy follows Dicaprio around while Dicaprio finds his son" struck me as retarded. Apparently the name of this phenomenon is Mighty Whitey.

Scott Alexander on intelligence.

Give Johns (prostitute customers) a break.

Abandoned Lego Houses

Grade deflation, grade illusion, and academic depressions

Paul Krugman, of all people, points out why a basic income won't reduce overhead much. tl;dr; Most government spending is actual wealth transfers - reducing bureaucracy won't matter much. This suggests updating the calculations in my post on the topic - most likely this will cause a Basic Job proposal to win by an even larger margin. See also rortybomb with numbers rather than snark. On the same topic, apparently there have been experiments, all of which conclude that work requirements are the only way to get people off welfare in the long run.

Scott Sumner on the middle class

Why is there an education premium for prostitutes?

Sam Altman and the Internet Lynching Problem

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