brutalist pic

An Homage to London Brutalism

Multiple comparisons don't have to feel like fishing

How Naive AB Testing Goes Wrong and How to Fix It. Nice to see that someone is using a proper decision rule. Note: my conflict of interest is obvious to anyone who reads the articles.

Timeseries: Cointegration - a useful overview.

Beyond power calculations: Assessing Type S (sign) and Type M (magnitude) errors

Seaborn - a great addition to matplotlib. Very useful plotting techniques.

Wavelets in J

Focusing Behavioral Economics on Development Professionals. This article makes a very important point. Behavioral economics is often used to justify assorted paternalistic policies devised by academic experts. But it turns out the experts are subject to very similar biases. Oops.

Exactly once delivery may not be what you want. tl;dr; Idempotence for side effects is fucking awesome if you can make it happen.

New uses for shipping containers

Economists Are Almost Inhumanly Impartial

Uber exec suggests hiring reporters to report on reporters who report on Uber. I understand why Buzzfeed is selfishly against this, but I don't understand why he apologized.

Freddy Deboer discusses Free Speech Rights and Ability.

Scott Alexander on Framing for light instead of heat. I have a half-written post on causality, but now I need to mostly defer to him on this topic.

Is Preventative Medicine it's own Health Risk?

The Non-Libertarian Police Department.

Weekly anti-intellectualism: The smart against the dumb. See also Noah Smith decides to kick a nerd to make women like him.. Republican writes about bullying in feminism - to prove him wrong, feminists mock his appearance. Finally, Freddy Deboer on mood affiliation.

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