Actors are overly nondeterministic. Argues also that futures have the same property - somewhat of a counterpoint to a post of mine on the same topic. Overall an excellent article, and it makes me want to take a much closer look at scalaz-stream. The author has two other posts on the topic from a while back.

Total security in a PostgreSQL database. You can get a lot of mileage out of simply creating three roles - readonly, readwrite and DDL. But you can definitely do more.

Freakonomics: Women are paid less because they dislike competition

Naive Bayes classifier in Scalding. If you are stuck dealing with Hadoop and nonsense like this, it seems pretty useful. The example used in the docs is the Iris data set - Don't use Hadoop for a data set with 150 points.

We're not even trying. Did you ever think of automating your print debugging?

Random Inequalities, part ii and part iii.

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