A book on Procedural Content Generation in Games. Very nice.

The Myth of Schemaless.

A classic from the MIT AI lab - Hakmem.

Less research is needed.

Cache coherency primer, about cpu caching.

Favor Disjuction over Validation when handling errors in Scala.

A Lispers first impression of Julia. I'm not a Lisper, but I feel similarly.

John Cochrane discusses math in economics. Quote: "The use of ancient quotations came up several times. I complained a bit about Eggertsson and Mehrotra's long efforts to tie their work to quotes from verbal speculations of Keynes, Alvin Hansen, Paul Krugman and Larry Summers."

William Briggs on the Kaya Equation. My favorite example, loosely borrowed from Piketty: inequality = puppies * (ganja / puppies) * (inequality / ganja)

Scott Locklin on neglected machine learning ideas.

Scott Alexander discusses the structure of the Catholic Church.

Terminator 2 and the biggest spoiler ever.

Jim Manzi checks Piketty's math on supermanagers. Shockingly, Piketty seems to have screwed it up.

A new paper shows that sex differences in mental rotation are positively correlated with gender equality. It's not the first study to observe this.

"It's time, Bro. You're a rich white man...you're explaining to your board why it's fine that you're dating a direct report...you should stop doing that while looking like a fucking putz...I've assembled a crack team of homos that understand how shirts are supposed to look, and where pants are supposed to stop..." shirtrate

Apparently India is the cheapest country in the world for expats.

For my non-American readers: I'm told this is for real.

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