Tyler Cowen explains how to eat well. Read this one.

Great blog post showing the difference between confidence and credible intervals.

The Safyness of Static Typing.

Get the Science out of your Yogurt

Gelman, Hill and Yajima on Bayesian multiple comparisons via multilevel models.

Once in a while Michael O. Church is amazingly insightful. Leaders vs Leavers.

Scott Sumner compares US poverty in 1967 to the present.

Jayman on the Hajnal line, which divides nuclear family + outbreeding patterns from extended family + inbreeding patterns. It feels like a just-so story to me, though I've checked a few of his references and they do seem solid. Also: Guns don't kill people, hillbillies and mexicans do.

How a Russian mathematician constructed a decision tree - by hand - to solve a medical problem

Welfare economics part 1part 2 part 3 part 4.

what technique to use

Data on all NYC taxi rides.

A critique of Critical Theory.

The Hunsader Follies

Architecture: Con/Struct via Colossal. Stanley Kubrick's Interiors and the Domino Sugar Factory on archdaily.

Good Badlands

The internet is not a safe space. Two related questions. First, was it "violence" when journalists quoted Pax Dickinson's tweets without permission? Second, has the US gone completely insane since I left?

Some clever brogrammer makes subtle parody. The twitter feed gives away the joke.

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