stupid ad

It was a stupid advertisement like the one you see above that made me realize: I need to be on HTTPS. Seeing Amitabh Bachchan hawking life insurance or soap is an everyday occurrence. But what was surprising about this patricular ad was that it appeared on my blog. This is quite odd - I didn't put any advertisements on my blog, except for a few affiliate links for books I've personally purchased. Wondering if I'd been hacked, I resolved to investigate further when I got home.

Weirdly, the advertisement appeared only on my phone; it wasn't present on the desktop version of my site. Curious, I tethered my computer to my phone, and sure enough, my blog had an ad for on it. And when I switched my phone to use wifi rather than mobile data, the ad vanished. Apparently Idea (my mobile carrier) is inserting advertisements into unsecured webpages, including mine.

This is a problem. Among other things, my blog is partially used for advertising myself, and I do not want to be associated with the content of remnant ads.

stupid ad

We all know the way forward: HTTPS. It was time to switch. And it's probably time for you to switch too, unless you want your visitors browsing habits being tracked and seeing stupid advertisements on your page.

Luckily cloudflare had just made HTTPS a free feature for everyone, so it wasn't costly for me to do. Thanks Cloudflare!

How to do it

It was actually quite simple for me to switch.

The first thing I needed to do was change link types from http to https. This was mostly just a search and replace.

The second thing I needed to do was alter a few S3 headers (my blog is hosted on amazon) so as not to confuse cloudflare. Specifically:

s3cmd -c s3cfg --exclude '*' --include '*.html' --mime-type="text/html"  --add-header='Content-Encoding: gzip' --add-header='Cache-Control: max-age=259200' sync output/* s3://
s3cmd -c s3cfg --exclude '*' --include '*.css'  --mime-type="text/css" --add-header='Content-Encoding: gzip' --add-header='Cache-Control: max-age=259200'  sync output/* s3://
s3cmd -c s3cfg --exclude '*' --include '*.js'   --mime-type="text/javascript" --add-header='Content-Encoding: gzip' --add-header='Cache-Control: max-age=259200' sync output/* s3://
s3cmd -c s3cfg --exclude '*.html' --exclude '*.css' --exclude '*.js' sync output/ s3://

The third thing was turning on https. To do this, go to cloudflare settings and turn on SSL. I also needed go into "Page Rules" and create a rule for* and set it to "always use HTTPS".

That was all it took. Now I don't need to worry about Idea or any other data providers inserting ads into my site. If you run a blog of your own, I encourage you to do this as well. Pervasive man in the middle attacks are here; to protect you and your readers from nasty surprises, encryption is necessary.

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