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Sorry for not posting anything lately. I've got a big backlog of posts, but I've also started a new job which is taking up a lot of time. We are doing exciting work in statistics - if anyone (particularly people in Delhi or Bangalore) wants to learn more, feel free to write.

How sure are you that large margin implies low VC dimension - a nice review article discussing the major theorem.

Lifetimes: Measuring Customer Lifetime Value in Python. Short, but interesting read.

Exploring Akka Stream's TCP Back Pressure.

Streaming Data Platforms and part 2, by the confluent folks. Great discussion of the modern streaming architecture.

Large well-funded laboratories... are not more productive than small to medium teams. tl;dr; Returning to the era of "Big Science" is probalby not the best way to move forward.

Jitter - making things better with randomness. Key quote: "randomness is a way to prevent systematically doing the wrong thing when you don't have enough information to do the right thing."

Metropolitan Man - just read this (hat tip: Sidhant Godiwala) and it's by far my favorite version of Superman. Lex Luthor, rather than being a comic book villain, is an altruistic individual motivated by the good of humanity and avoiding extinction level events.

Bond - type level validation for Scala. Provides this like val age: Int with GreaterThan[T.0.T].

Genetic contributions to variation in general cognitive function a meta analysis of genome wide association studies in the CHARGE consortium (N=53,949).

The Early Retirement Movement - a great article on the relationship between labor and production.

Liberal Bias in Social Psychology. Interesting paper, and interesting what they needed to do to publish it: "We could not get this published. It was rejected at two separate journals. Finally, we decided to bag every mention of liberals being more biased than conservatives, and resubmitted it to another journal. This time, it was accepted." See a also this article on the topic.

Mumbai’s ill conceived Malthusian approach to development. Mumbai seems like a wonderful place to live, apart from the fact that everyone has a 1-2 hour commute to work. Increasing FSI can only help things. Pune, in contrast, will have plenty of room for new people:

A behind the scenes look at the Bladerunner model shop.

pune new skyline.

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