I've written a number of posts here about a/b testing, and readers have probably observed that I favor the Bayesian approach. I'm very happy to announce that Wingify (my employer) has release SmartStats - a fully Bayesian A/B testing engine. I've always maintained that you should A/B test even if you won't do a good job - it's certainly better than flipping a coin.

But many people still make lots of mistakes - peeking at tests too often, changing the test halfway through, etc. Articles like 12 A/B Split Testing Mistakes I See Businesses Make All The Time abound. We built SmartStats to help you avoid some of these problems. Specifically, SmartStats solves problems (1), (2), (3), (8) and (10) from Peep Laja's list via a combination of better statistics and UI warnings. (Point (5) on that list is actually wrong.)

Go check out the landing page or the venturebeat article to learn more.

(Obvious disclaimer: I work for Wingify. My endorsement is independent only insofar as my contract includes a clause that allows me to withdraw my endorsement of any statistical snake oil.)

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