Mapping sets in Scala using Coyoneda

Why Dependently Typed Programming Will (One Day) Rock Your World. Related thoughts on type errors in mathematics education.

Constructions vs Specifications.

How to use Treelog, and the underlying github page.

Frequentist inference only seems easy.

A stochastic diffusion process for the Dirichlet distribution. Some time back I used a Jacobi Diffusion model to study time varying conversion rates - you could similarly use a Dirichlet diffusion process to model a 3 or 4 choice model.

Monte Carlo Theory, methods and examples - a free book, work in progress.

Greedy Algorithms are Good Enough.

The Markov Chain Monte Carlo Revolution, by Persi Diaconis.

Sorry for the Quora link, but this is too good not to link to: using a bloom filter to avoid a server round trip when checking if something is in the cache.

Ziggurat Algorithm for generating random numbers.

Scott Sumner points out that correlations between ethnicity and wealth undermine Piketty's belief that merit is uncorrelated with wealth. Naughty.

Mark Andreesen on why the IPO is dying. Bonus critique of Piketty.

A great paper on short selling risks, how they prevent the market from going down when it should, and how this makes bubbles easier . Also the easy reading Noah Smith version.

Tyler Cowen notes that if Piketty is right, and if trickle down economics has a non-zero effect, redistribution harms the poor in the long term.

The Trouble with Shadowstats - apparently shadowstats is an obvious fake.

10 tallest buildings ever demolished

A proposal to airlift elephants to the US

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