Articles tagged with economics

Wed 17 June 2020
Shareholder Short-Termism Theory has Died of COVID-19
Mon 06 May 2019
Don't believe the hype: Basic Income reduces labor supply by 10%, which is a lot
Wed 22 August 2018
Why you can't have privacy on the internet
Tue 07 November 2017
Why Indian companies should take on different projects than competing Valley companies - an application of Cobb-Douglas
Thu 20 April 2017
Why I'm bullish on Uber - the customer acquisition trough
Tue 10 May 2016
Robots didn't take our jobs
Mon 14 December 2015
My adventures in medical tourism
Thu 05 February 2015
Constant Rebalanced Portfolios - some simulations with numpy
Thu 25 September 2014
How many hours of work is optimal? A Python Optimization tutorial
Wed 30 April 2014
Piketty's r > g thesis proves nothing about inequality
Tue 22 April 2014
High Frequency Trader's 'Quote Stuffing' is a Software Bug
Mon 21 April 2014
Piketty, inequality and volatility: How can r > g?
Wed 09 April 2014
Mark Cuban's HFT Idiocy
Mon 07 April 2014
A Fervent Defense of Front-running HFTs
Thu 03 April 2014
How to not get ripped off by High Frequency Traders
Tue 18 March 2014
Computerized Eye Exams
Thu 20 February 2014
What is the correct price for a (crypto or other) currency?
Sat 25 January 2014
Excellent paper on Income Mobility
Fri 17 January 2014
The poor don't work because they are economically rational - redux
Mon 13 January 2014
Statistical Mechanics has failed the market test or Noah Smith misses the point
Thu 14 November 2013
Models help you understand why you disagree
Wed 13 November 2013
Modelling a Basic Income with Python and Monte Carlo Simulation
Sun 05 August 2012
Flash Crash? Or Flash in the Pan?
Sat 21 July 2012
What I'm reading - Race, IQ and Wealth
Fri 22 June 2012
Proposal - bigger ticks, more rent seeking
Mon 28 May 2012
Human vs Machine Progress
Fri 25 May 2012
Subpenny rule elimination - roundup
Tue 22 May 2012
High Frequency Trading - What's broken and how to fix it
Tue 08 May 2012
Unemployment and market clearing
Wed 25 April 2012
A High Frequency Trader's Apology, Pt 2
Mon 16 April 2012
A High Frequency Trader's Apology, Pt 1
Fri 18 November 2011
Why Americans don't hire servants
Sat 24 September 2011
Did immigrants (and Simpson's Paradox) cause the Great Stagnation?
Thu 12 May 2011
The poor don't work because they are economically rational
Sat 23 April 2011
The High-Heel Bubble never popped, and the Education Bubble may not either
Thu 31 March 2011
Investment, employment, and the role of women
Mon 21 February 2011
Structural Shift in the Economy