Articles tagged with statistics

Tue 07 July 2020
Calibrating a classifier when the base rate changes
Tue 24 March 2020
Scalably Detecting Odd-looking Histograms
Tue 10 March 2020
Isotonic: A Python package for doing fancier versions of isotonic regression
Mon 21 January 2019
Barometric Pressure, a statistical myth: Why one common argument against IQ is flawed
Fri 01 September 2017
Inferring data loss (and correcting for it) from fundamental relationships
Tue 29 November 2016
Respecting Boundaries with Inhomogeneous Kernels
Mon 05 September 2016
The Probability Monad and Why it's Important for Data Science
Thu 11 August 2016
Measuring Bernoulli Probabilities in the Presence of Delayed Reactions
Wed 29 June 2016
Which is more dangerous, guns or gay sex?
Thu 16 June 2016
Why Can't Gay Men Donate Blood? A Bayesian Analysis
Tue 24 May 2016
How to lie without statistics - ProPublica edition
Mon 21 March 2016
Alien Intelligences and discriminatory algorithms
Mon 14 March 2016
Has your conversion rate changed? An introduction to Bayesian timeseries analysis with Python.
Mon 11 January 2016
Bayesian Calibration of a Mobile Phone Compass
Tue 01 December 2015
The Autodidact Ratio: A Better Way to Measure Bias Against Women
Thu 05 November 2015
The Mathematics of Paul Graham's Bias Test
Thu 29 January 2015
No Free Samples - Counting Tricks won't get you to Statistical Significance
Tue 27 January 2015
Don't use Bandit Algorithms - they probably won't work for you
Thu 25 September 2014
How many hours of work is optimal? A Python Optimization tutorial
Wed 17 September 2014
Attribution Theory is Misguided
Wed 25 June 2014
Why a pro/con list is 75% as good as your fancy machine learning algorithm
Mon 19 May 2014
Optimizing Ad Placement with Julia and Maximum Likelihood
Mon 24 February 2014
The Adversarial Bandit is not a Statistics Problem
Thu 21 November 2013
How to measure a changing conversion rate (with python code)
Mon 18 November 2013
Assorted links
Thu 14 November 2013
Models help you understand why you disagree
Wed 13 November 2013
Modelling a Basic Income with Python and Monte Carlo Simulation
Mon 08 July 2013
Bayesian Bandits - optimizing click throughs with statistics
Mon 20 May 2013
Analyzing conversion rates with Bayes Rule (Bayesian statistics tutorial)
Mon 08 April 2013
The magic of conjugate priors (for online learning)